• How long to you think this will last? Do you think you could make and give as a hoilday gift? It looks like a great unique gift. Thanks.

  • Great idea. My hats off to the lawyers thinking,,, and I don’t tip my hat to many lawyers. I would like their address so that I can send them a letter of support. Maybe they should get a whole lot of letters of support. Dumping mailbags full of support for their position in the coutroom could have a very dramatic effect. If someone can get the address I’ll get my people on it right away.To my Canadian friends: You are not alone. The Friends of Mojave support your actions.

  • Panie doktorze, jeżeli jest pan nrzeczywiscie takim dr . Ja przepracowaÅ‚am 37 lat (smutno co prawda w PRL-u), ale co zrobić urodziÅ‚am siÄ™ za wczeÅ›nie pewnie. WypracowaÅ‚am swojÄ… biednÄ… emeryturÄ™ i cieszÄ™ siÄ™ póki co, że kazdego 20 dnia miesiÄ…ca ona na moje konto jeszcze wpÅ‚ywa, ale nie wiem jak dÅ‚ugo, bo Donek może wymyÅ›li ”cóś” takiego, że mi obetnÄ… tÄ™ mojÄ… biedÄ™ i co przyjmiemnie pan na swój garnuszek?

  • “I fear no evil, for I am the baddest SOB in the valley and all the other SOBs know it.”I like that, Joel. It isn’t that different from my response when someone accuses me of thinking I’m some kind of badass (I really don’t, but I’m a lot like J.B. Books in “The Shootist,” as far as my outlook goes. Treat me as you’d like to be treated, because that’s how I’m going to do it). I’m a crippled-up old biker. I limp, badly (actually, I do it really well; lots of practice). I carry a 1911A1: since I can’t run, I may as well be ready to stand my ground. My standard reply?“Bad? No. But the bad don’t fuck with me.”

  • Mi caso es que tanto mi marido como yo trabajamos en la misma empresa y el mismo turno. Seremos padres en breve y mi pregunta es si la,empresa esta obligada a facilitarnos a uno de los dos cambio de turno para poder cuidar de nuestro hijo.

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